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FlawlessBrush 2 Pack (1 Pink + 1 Black)

2 Pack (Pink+Black)

Get  a Flawless makeup application using the flawlessBrush.

Don't waste time around to get  a ''good coverage'' when you have the ultimate makeup applicator.
Designed to produce the least amount of fuss or mess,using less product (less wasted product)  while still getting an easy and flawless application.

  • Least fuss or mess
  • Minimal product waste
  • Quick and easy application
  • A beautifully smooth, poreless finish
  • And a look that has you oozing confidence!

The Flawlessbrush does just that

      Make sure to order from us to receive your original brushes (1 pink and 1 black ) in the premium pink case and  2 free travel cases !

      Material of the Brush : Luxurious Synthetic Fiber

      Why buy from us ?

      • 100% Money Back Guarantee ,don't like it? we will offer full refund no question asked
      • Works with liquid & powder foundation
      • Easy cleaning process
      • Cruelty free
      • Luxurious synthetic fibre
      • Loved by thousands (real reviews below)
      • includes 2 brushes one pink and one Black+ free travel cases
      • Free Shipping during spring break